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by the Union of Hellenic Scientists for Protypation and Standardization (ENEPROT):
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The initiative for BCC International Conferences originated in the 1st Balkan Conference under the title "Standardization and Related Activities: A Means of Balkan Countries' Collaboration" which took place in Thessaloniki on May 8-10, 1997. The conference was under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace. Co-organizers were the School of Engineering of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Technical Chamber of Greece, Dept. of Central Macedonia, and the Hellenic Organization on Standardization (ELOT). In parallel, a Congress of the National Institutes on Standardization of the Balkan Countries was organized by ELOT. Following this Congress, a collaboration protocol was signed by the heads of the national institutes on standardization of Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, FYROM, and Romania.

"The Union of Hellenic Scientists for Protypation and Standardization" (ENEPROT), which was founded just after the 1st Balkan Conference, took care for the continuity of this effort. The opportunity was given when, during a European "Tempus Phare" program, Bulgarian scientists and experts on standardization visited Thessaloniki. On June 8, 2001 ENEPROT organized the "1st Balkan Meeting of Scientists and Experts on Standardization", where experts on standardization from Albania, Bulgaria and Greece participated.

In that meeting the organization of international conferences on standardization was decided, as a continuity of the 1st Balkan Conference, and a protocol was signed. Furthermore a "Coordinating Committee" was formed, comprising of two members from each Balkan country, as well as a Central Secretariat which since then is seated in the offices of ENEPROT. The Central Secretariat has the responsibility of the secretarial support of the Coordinating Committee.

Under this scheme, the 2nd Balkan Conference was held in Sozopol, Bulgaria by the Bulgarian colleagues, in October 7-8, 2002. The 3rd Balkan Conference was realized in Tirana, Albania on May 2-3, 2004. In the mean time four Meetings of the Coordinating Committee were programmed and realized: The 1st Meeting took place in Sofia, the 2nd in Sozopol right after the 2nd Conference, the 3rd in Edirne (Turkey) and the 4th in Tirana right after the 3rd Conference. Both 2nd and 3rd Meetings worked on a plan for a regulation of the Balkan Conferences for which the Bulgarian delegation handed over a proposal which was taken into consideration during the 4th Meeting where a draft protocol was worked out.

For the continuity of this effort, ENEPROT programmed and organized (after consulting the Coordinating Committee) the 4th International Conference in Thessaloniki on May 18-19, 2007 titled: "Standardization, Protypes, and Quality: A Means of Balkan Countries' Collaboration". ENEPROT, in parallel, had proposed to ELOT the simultaneous organization of the 2nd Congress of the National Institutes on Standardization of the Balkan Countries, considering both events as a continuation of the previous relative Balkan Conferences and Congresses. Unfortunately, ELOT did not respond to our proposal. 

The 4th International Conference "Standardization, Protypes, and Quality: A Means of Balkan Countries' Collaboration" took place in the hall of Small and Medium sized Industries' Chamber of Thessaloniki, was under the auspices of the Ministry of Development with co-organizers the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace, the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs and the Small and Medium sized Industries' Chamber of Thessaloniki. We consider that this Conference was a real success. 

The main goal of these congressional activities was to bring close experts and scientists on standardization, protypes and quality from West to South-eastern Europe which in a great deal was achieved. The hosting of the 12th Workshop of the European Academy for Standardization(EURAS) contributed to this result a lot. The wide range of nationalities of the participants, as well as the variety of subjects which were presented substantiates the international interest for these activities. There were participants from Australia, Albania, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, France, FYROM, Germany, Greece, Holland, Japan, Korea, Serbia, Sweden, and Turkey.

Reviewing the presentation of the papers of the conference, we can point out two important findings: 1) There is a certain change of the direction of the European development towards the aid to SME's 2) There is a rapid growth of education on standardization in Asiatic countries, which nowadays try to create their own standardization protypes.


In parallel to the 4th International Conference, the 5th Meeting of the Coordinating Committee took, also, place in Thessaloniki at which observers from other European Countries participated, too. After that, the Greek delegation decided to propose to the Meeting of the Coordinating Committee (programmed in Belgrade in 2008) that the next 5th International Conference be held in Thessaloniki in 2009.

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