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Balkan Coordinating Committee

Central Secretariat of the Balkan Coordinating Committee (BCC)
by the Union of Hellenic Scientists for Protypation and Standardization (ENEPROT):
19, Epimenidou str., 54633 Thessaloniki-Greece, Tel+fax: +30 2310 286680

1st BCC Conference

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The initiation was a proposition by Angelos Zachariadis, during his presentation in the 2nd Sofia International Congress of Bulgarian Union of Standardizers in 1994, for a Balkan Conference on Standardization. After three years of preparation the 1st Balkan Conference under the title"Standardization and Related Activities, A Means of Balkan Countries' Collaboration" took place in Thessaloniki on May 8-10, 1997. The conference was under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Development and Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace. Co-organizers were the School of Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Technical Chamber of Greece, Dept. of Central Macedonia, and the Hellenic Organization on Standardization (ELOT).

In parallel, a Congress of the National Institutes on Standardization was organized by ELOT. Following this Congress, a collaboration protocol was signed by the heads of the National Institutes of Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, FYROM, and Romania.

ENEPROT, which was founded just after the 1st Balkan Conference, took care for the continuity of this effort. The opportunity was given when during a European Tempus Phare program Bulgarian scientists and experts on standardization visited Thessaloniki: On June 8, 2001 ENEPROT organized the "1st Balkan Meeting of Scientists and Experts for Standardization", participated by the following:


In this meeting the organization of International Conferences on Standardization was decided, as a continuity of the 1st Balkan Conference and a protocol was signed. A Balkan Coordinating Committee (BCC) was formed, comprising of two members from each Balkan country, as well as a Central Secretariat seated in the offices of ENEPROT, which would have the responsibility of its operation.

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