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Balkan Coordinating Committee

Central Secretariat of the Balkan Coordinating Committee (BCC)
by the Union of Hellenic Scientists for Protypation and Standardization (ENEPROT):
19, Epimenidou  str., 54633 Thessaloniki-Greece, Tel+fax: +30 2310 286680

The Balkan Coordinating Committee - BCC, was founded in Thessaloniki in 1997, under the share efforts, since 1994, of ENEPROT and the Bulgarian Union of Standardisers - BUS. The foundation of BCC was prompted by a common vision in Standardisation  as described in regulation: 

We believe that Balkan countries’ people can live in peace, upgrade
the quality of their lives and their cultural level, through comprehension and democratic dialogue based on their own standardization and their own models. Our main principle is that human beings have the central role in standardization, and not the industry. Our main target must be the scientific recording of knowledge and experiences, the exchanging of views and the creation and representation of plans, proposals and elements in general that would help the overall handling of the subject of Balkan standards and models. For the success of this purpose, constant channels of communication must be built up, as well as a common Balkan Forum. For the fulfillment of these goals, we take over the initiative to organize regularly congressional activities (Conferences, Symposiums, Workshops,
Round-table Conferences).

To synchronize these activities and to create a mutual place, a forum where all the related to standardization items will be referred, a Balkan Coordinating Committee (BCC) has been formed, several protocols have been signed at the BCC Meetings so far, where also drafts for the regulating frame of the BCC have been presented and discussed.

  The present Regulation came out as a product of all these actions. All the written down documents of the BCC activities so far, are considered as an annex to this Regulation in cases that a cover-up of deficiencies is needed. 

(from BCC regulation)